Basically these are the cats/skills/Info. of Snowyclan currently. We are mainly on Deviantart, Toontown(Soon Toontown Rewritten), and chat(s). If you wish to join, well you now know the places we are mainly so ask Snowystar(xxxSnowystarxxx), Silenthush(HushedMemories), or me(Seaflighters), and you will go through some tests before you are accepted or rejected.

    Snowyclan Pride

"Your paws will be numb with pain as you walk among us. Our strikes are as cold as the freezing snow. We have not faded into nothing, we are still well, and alive we will strike no matter the costs. We. Are. Snowyclan."


Leader | Snowystar.

Deputy | Seaflight.

Co-Deputy | Silenthush.

Medicine Cat(s) | Halfheart, Irisflame, Gemshade.

Medicine Cat Apprentice | Faithlesspaw.

Senior Warriors | Blazepelt, Lavarock, Mountainrain, Creekice, Sacrificedshriek, Avalanchesight, Scourge, Nightbreeze, Swiftsky, Dawnfeather, Icespirit.

Warriors | Tigerfall, Mockingjay, Quickdash, Frozenstream, Aspenfrost, Mistedstream, Blacksnow, Wolfclaw, Eclipsegleam, Featherflight.

Queen(s) | N/A

Apprentices | Faithlesspaw, Frostpaw, Snowpaw.

Kits | Ratkit, Frozenkit.

Elder(s) | Sandstorm.

Darkforest cats only.

We have been alive for almost five years, from what I can remember. Snowystar and Seaflight are the original leader/deputy, but while away Silenthush and Shadowfang took their place.

Skilled at fighting, swimming, hunting on land and/or water, running, leaping, climbing, hiding.

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