Hello toons! i have a OLD OLD OLD dream to tell you! my life was in toontown (so i was a pink duck) my best friend number one was a legal eagle toons were friends with cogs but one he was the chairman he always hated toons never liked them one time i saw him and i said OH MY PEPPER SPRAY ITS YOU! i will save toontown! and he said you cant your a one man army! and i said oh really? toons cogs tall an small UNITE! and all the nice cogs and toons came. then i said what was that about a one man army? he said nothing and i said GET HIM! we all went to throw pies at him then he got really mad and he hurt my friends and me! we were at one laff! but flippy made a new toon up gag a unicycle! i jumped on a unicycle juggled and pies went in my face! me and the toons were tooned up but he got mad! he summoned his helpers they were mean! they went after us! but i said to the toons and cogs stay here ill get them! and i went to throw pies at them but they pushed me out of the way! and my friend named zelda (is also my friend in real toontown) said candy you cant handle them they'll hurt you! and she ran to me and helped me but the chairman came and pined her to the wall but when i saw that i ran over there tackled him and said if you ever do that again you will not be happy and i threw 10000000000000000000000000000000000000000 wedding cakes at him he was close to dying but he got his knight toonobrine (if you play minecraft you'll know what im talking about) and he teleported to me and pined me to the ground and looked at me with those white glowing eyes but i pushed him and ran to the chairman and he said DONT KILL ME I HAVE TO TELL YOU SOMETHING and he said im a toon and turned into his toon form and we said wait WHAT??? and i woke up well hope you liked my dream Toons of the world unite!

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