• Killergirl117

    toontown dream i had

    August 17, 2012 by Killergirl117

    Hello toons! i have a OLD OLD OLD dream to tell you! my life was in toontown (so i was a pink duck) my best friend number one was a legal eagle toons were friends with cogs but one he was the chairman he always hated toons never liked them one time i saw him and i said OH MY PEPPER SPRAY ITS YOU! i will save toontown! and he said you cant your a one man army! and i said oh really? toons cogs tall an small UNITE! and all the nice cogs and toons came. then i said what was that about a one man army? he said nothing and i said GET HIM! we all went to throw pies at him then he got really mad and he hurt my friends and me! we were at one laff! but flippy made a new toon up gag a unicycle! i jumped on a unicycle juggled and pies went in my face! …

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