Looking for a non-warriors clan? Ya just found one.

Welcome to Uberclan, where we train to be the best. We accept 15-25 laff ubers, nobody above that.

We are on TTR.

List of members: Edit

Toon Name: Toon Looks: Clan Rank: Uber Laff:
Uber An aqua monkey with blue, aqua leaf-patterned top and leggings, short legs, short but not fat body, and small head. Leader 16

List of ranks: Edit

Leader: The FOUNDER of the group. Does not necesserially mean is the strongest.

Deputy: Second in command.

Professional: The strongest ubers, with the best gags.

Member: Ok-ish ubers, with cream/fruit pie, hose, ect.

Apprentice: Ubers in training. When they get level 4 gags, they become members.

Our Area: Edit

Members train apprentices in Vibrant Valley. If there is an invasion of STRONG cogs in Vibrant Valley, move to a different area.

We also will start doing VP runs when we gain more members.

How to join: Edit

Every day, for about half an hour, a aqua monkey called Uber will be walking around Vibrant Valley, Toontown Central, shouting "WHO WANTS TO JOIN UBERCLAN?" Get on your uber toon, go to him, and say "Me!" He will look at your gags (laff doesn't matter) and put you on the page.

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