The hacker's name is Poppy Riddlewire. He was formerly an aqua horse, and is now an orange bear. He is said to have red gloves and has a secret TTR Injector that works ever since 2014. The Injector still works as of 2016. This hacker has no clan. He has a red shirt and royal blue shorts. He has a medium torso with small legs. His head size is unknown. He was former Team FD Member. He created many hacks in which most are private and only work for him due to the Injector scanning his account. He is the founder of the scarecrow hack and used it quite often on ToonTown Online 2007. He is very dangerous. I highly recommend not messing with him. He's only nice to those whom he trusts. He has the ability to unlatch stuff. He rarely does it though. He is said to be oftenly spotted in Chip And Dales Acorn Acres. Though, this has not been solidly confirmed.

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