The Jungle-Order is a Toontown organization that does many things. Unlike my clans, The Jungle-Order doesn't focus on one certain thing. The one thing The Jungle-Order got its fame is hacking. We have been around the game since February 2007 on Toontown Online. We, as a clan, will only end when Toontown ends someday. Don't worry, we do harmless hacking. We also glitch and help our low laff be low gag members train their gags and help them with tasks. Here is the list of the requirements if you wish to join...

The Jungle-Order's Toontown Rewritten Requirements Edit

Toon Species : Monkey

Toon Color : Any Color (We Suggest Blue)

Gender : Any Gender

Gags Required : Above level 3 Throw and Squirt. Nothing less. Although, you ARE allowed to have different Gag Tracks, but they also must be above level 3.

Laff Required : Above 19 Laff. Nothing less.

Chat Status Required : SpeedChat+

Race Kart Color Required : Green

Name must have the word "Jungle" in it. This requirement does not apply to the leaders of the group.

The Original Creators Of The Jungle-Order Edit

Main Leader : Con (Blue Monkey)

2nd Main Leader : Pro (Purple Pig)

3rd Main Leader : Nebula (Aqua Horse)

4th Main Leader : Rare (Green Pig)

5th Main Leader : Chandler (Coral Dog)

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