Team Strike was originally a clan made to stop hackers. It was led by a blue cat named Yule. During the days that the clan was good, it's name was Team Nature. It was torn apart when a hacker named Poppy Riddlewire hacked Yule and claimed the clan and renamed it Team Strike. Over the years, the team became more notorious and even more threatening. Soon, it became s hacker team. Poppy Riddlewire was a male orange bear. He had a medium torso and small legs. He also had red gloves and regular head size. This all took place on ToonTown Online 2007. The clan was forgotten after the leader's disappearance. When he disappeared, the clan was put on hold. It was on hold up until September 19th 2013. The time ToonTown Online closed. Although, Poppy Riddlewire AND Team Strike reappeared on ToonTown Rewritten and ToonTown Infinite. He joined ToonTown Rewritten during Alpha and was there during Doomsday. He was never caught on tape, his main toon is currently unknown. He was often blamed for the ISIS hack on ToonTown Rewritten Open Beta. He confirmed he is making a new hack. The hack is called "The Live Server Message Hack". He claims he hates Team Trap and was formerly in MOD Clan and Team FD. He has the Team Strike uniform. The uniform is a shiny royal blue shirt with a golden medal and green Team Strike shorts. He also has live red gloves and a live black Nametag. He was a former ToonTown Infinite Moderator. He is pure evil and will not stop hacking ToonTown. He says he will hack Trap Cat, Roscoe, Darkness, Trap Dog, Trap Horse, and everyone in Team Trap. That's how much he hates Team Trap. Poppy currently hacks ToonTown Rewritten Open Beta and he claims his next goal to hack is ToonTown Infinite Open Beta. After that, ToonTown Fellowship Open Beta. That's all for now. Bye Toons! toons if the World, Unite!

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