The Chaotic Clan is a hacker clan led by a brown bear named Bumpy. Its 2nd leader is a yellow duck named Soursplat. The 3rd leader is a blue monkey named Poppy. They were formerly known as The Anti-Clan back on ToonTown Online. The Chaotic-Clan brought about many rumors to the game mainly because of the leaders. Soursplat is the one that roams about warning everyone that they will take ToonTown down for good. Bumpy is the one that sends people on missions but if it's something that would stand in their way, Bumpy would come along and hack every Toon he sees, hacker or not. Poppy is the one that hacks into trolley games, racing, golfing, private parties, buildings, field offices, boss battles, and estates. Poppy also resets districts and disconnects Toons that roam about near him or ones that he catches with his very eyes. Poppy also has red gloves and is usually seen in The Brrrgh Nutty River. Occasionally Toon Valley ToonTown Central. He has the ability to unpatch glitches, hacks/codes, and cheats. He is ToonTown Online's very first hacker in which was a monkey. The Chaotic-Clan is very dangerous and is responsible for many hacker clans, hackers, and hacks and is still responsible for it even to this very day.

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