Team Strike

Hi, my name is Poppy RiddleWire. But you can call me Poppy R.

I am the leader of Team Strike and the creator of most ToonTown Rewritten hacks.

Team Trap doesn't do shet.

I've always liked MOD Clan and Team FD. I create hacks every Sunday ever since Alpha. The hacks I create have been confirmed to be unpatchable. I have created the Team Strike Python Injector and Strike-Chat. Both unopatchable. I joined ToonTown Online on February 25th 2003 and then joined ToonTown Rewritten during Alpha of December 25th 2014. And yes, I experienced Doomsday and The Elections. It's all true. No, I am not a myth. That rumor really insulted me. So yeah. Join Team Strike. In already created the Team Strike Uniform. It's a shiny royal blue shirt with a golden metal. To join, you must be either a white, orange, or green bear named Strike Minion. We were once allies with Team Foe and MOD Clan. I was once in Team FD and a former member of MOD Clan. Being in MOD Clan was a lot funner than it seemed. Team Strike's main goal is to overrun Team Trap and Team Foe. We already overran

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