Hi skids. Savage here. I'll be telling you how to join Team Gear. First of all, you must be mature. You must also have AT LEAST level 3 throw and squirt. It's suggested that you pick Sound for your first gag track to join so we can do Factories and green noobs then dc them.


Yes, of course. When did you lose your brain?

Why Would You Do This To ToonTown? Its Such A FFFUUUUNNNN Game!Edit

We do this because we have the ability to. Plus, I usually convince people to join.

Are You REALLY Allies With Team Trap?Edit


How Long Has Team Gear Been Around?Edit

Since 2004. Still up and running.

Are You The Leader?Edit

Of course, idiot.

Are You Rare From Team Foe?Edit

Yes, actually. I deleted Rare last year. During the near ending of 2015. I'm not bringing him back. Crunchypow kicked me from Team Foe so I started my own. (Team Gear) And on a new Toon. (Savage)

Are You Script Kiddies?Edit

Hale nah we drop accounts and occasionally use Python Injector.

Are You Gonna Be Quitting ToonTown Rewritten Soon?Edit

I will when I actually get the chance to. ToonTown is too fun to hack. Lmao

Can I Join?Edit

Only if you have the knowledge and ability to code and drop accounts. When you do, pm me on Twitter or comment in the comment section below. Remember : You must be a pro coder and a pro account dropper. If not, you're useless to me.

Bye, skids! <3<3

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