Team Flare is led by a bright red cat named Flare Dog. He has green gloves and royal blue clothes. He is also an Uber. He is a hacker and Team Flare is another hacker clan brand new to TTR, TTI, and TTF. They plan to end all ToonTown servers by 3 years after they plan how they will do it. Trust me, there is a big chance they actually will. They are against ToonTown AND Team Trap!!! They are allies with Team Foe and Crunchypow. 2 members of Team Foe have passed away recently. May they rest in peace. They were just seduced by Crunchypow. They didn't deserve to go like that. :(

Anyways, Team Flare is the kind of clan you don't wanna mess with. To be in it, you must be a red Toon. any species. but a tall torso and small legs. You must also wear the uniform. I am not in it, though. Just telling you how to join so Flare Dog doesn't flood this Wiki and end a "ToonTown Hacker Wiki" like last year.

Comment below if you have any info on them. Thanks! :)

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