TTCogCrushers is a clan founded by Skooby and Drew A. Blank. Later on, Ima Dog joined and was imediatly promoted to leader due to being one of the first three joiners.


Member (No requirement except for getting approved)

Cog Crusher (Member for 1 month and has over 50 laff)

Team Blogger (Toontown Blogger)

Team Uber (MUST be a member for 1 month and be an uber toon)

Veterans (Cog Crushers for at least 1 year, attended all the meets, has over 100 laff)


Skooby- 91 laff

Drew A. Blank- 23 laff

Ima Dog- 15 laff

Links to our sitesEdit

TTCogCrushers (Channel)

Skooby Productions Website (Page)

Blog (Skooby Productions Website)

Important DaysEdit

Nov. 23- Founding Day


Skooby- 91 laff

Drew A. Blank- 23 laff

Ima Dog- 15 laff

Clerk P.- 16 laff (BLOGGER SPECIAL)

Aroura- 30 laff

Queen- 18 laff

Gallery (COMING SOON)Edit

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