Welcome to the clan! Snow Leopard Clan was recently created by Random Snow Leopard and Warm Snow Leopard, whom are the leaders. The newest and final leader is Frosty Snow Leopard. If you ever want to join, you can find one of us in Vibrant Valley.

Activities Edit

Most of these activities will occur once we get a stable amount of members. Mainly, we will task and try to max our toons (Snow Leopard Toons). Higher laff points members would be considered elite members and those whom we look up to. Newest members will be given a mentor of a higher laff to guide them until they are at a laff of about 35. You may become a mentor to newer Snow Leopards once you have 50 laff points and are approved by one of the leaders (Leaders include Random Snow Leopard, Warm Snow Leopard, and Frosty Snow Leopard). Once you complete a mentoring, you are considered an elite. The abilities of elites are greater, because they can do more stuff and can attend meetings with the leaders (unless said otherwise).

There are meetings for the entire clan to attend. Meetings will occur when a Snow Leopard has completed first part of mentored training, or when an elite Snow Leopard is being promoted. Clan meetings will happen at camp in the burrrgh. However, places where the meetings are in which only elites and leaders attend will be different every time.

On special occasions, there will be clan parties. Parties will happen at the burrrgh.

The clan also will be doing videos soon. First videos will be tutorials on how to join and advertising of the clan, which will be posted soon on the clan's Youtube.

How to make a Snow Leopard Edit

1. Select cat. Make sure it is the normal head. Also, it should be normal weight and the height can be short or medium.

2. Pick a color! It can be either gray or cream (periwinkle is gray). Your Snow Leopard can have any color feet.

3. Any clothes are fine.

4. Your name is something you should discuss with the leaders in Vibrant Valley, before picking it. This is so you don't pick a name that's already taken. Names with be (adjective) Snow Leopard.

5. Meet the leader(s) in Vibrant Valley and prepare to have fun!

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