Ranger Wilbur here. I'm here to tell you about my clan and what we do and how you have a chance to join it.

What the Rangers are: We are an Elite group of toons that help weak/needy toons in tasks wanting nothing in return. We all have maxed gags and almost maxed in VP and other suits.

What the Rangers stand for: We stand for peace and unite. We help protect the toons and help then reach there max laff.

Rewards: After two victories in VP. I personally host a huge public party using around 5000 jellybeans per party. Also if you impress me with your helping abilities you will be rwarded with the Ranger of the week award. ( everyone with get it at least once) I will throw you a huge party in your honor and a gift worth 1000 jellybeans

Requirements: Any laff above 60 Have at least toon up lipstick gag willing to help to toon world with nothing in return Tatical know how to take down cogs. Works well with others. You can be any shape. Size. Color. Any clothes. Just need to be willing to help.

United We Stand. Divided we Fall.

Unity: We are willing to merge with any clan or group to make this group bigger in terms of member numbers the more the better. Message or comment if you think you have what it takes. We do have one test. But contact me and we'll set up a place to meet. Hope to see you soon

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