Poppy Riddlewire is a male orange bear with a medium torso and small legs. He has red gloves. He is very dangerous and is in no clan. His head size is unknown. He founded the Scarecrow Hack and joined ToonTown Online in 2003. He disappeared from ToonTown Online in 2010. Rejoined ToonTown Rewritten in Alpha. Though, he had no Alpha Key, he simply hacked into the game. He was there during Doomsday and The Elections but he was standing near the Party Gate observing the others that actually participates in Doomsday. He disconnected before anyone could make it that spot. Creepy, eh? I have more news. He was actually spying on the people in Doomsday and sent the information to Team Foe, as he lost a bet with them. Apparently, that was the punishment he had to do for losing the bet. When really, Poppy Riddlewire enjoyed every minute of it. He wasn't caught on tape by anyone recording. This might just be a rumor but it's believed to be true. Poppy Riddlewire's very existence might be a rumor and is also said to not be. There's more. There is a rumor going around about Poppy Riddlewire was a TTI Moderator until he got fired. The reason that he got fired is currently unknown. There is indeed a fact that Poppy Riddlewire use to be one of the leaders of Team Friend and a former member of Team FD. He used to be an Aqua Horse. Poppy's main toon is unknown. Here's one more thing, Poppy Riddlewire absolutely DESPISES Team Trap and everyone in it. Reason of this is also unknown. He even formerly knew FD Green cat FD, Fritz ToonCrash, Igor, and Bongo. Ad to top it all off, Poppy Riddlewire is Con AND CrunchyPow!!!!!!! They are all the same person!!!!!!! Although, this has not been solidly confirmed. It is said to be true but there are a few clues of it not being true. Poppy Riddlewire is one of the only hackers that have the ability to unpatch stuff. Stuff like Injectors, codes, glitches, hacks, cheats, and Cheat Engine. So yeah. More to come! Toons of the World, UNITE! See you next time!

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