I'm in love with the muffin man...

ALSO : I'm planning a live server message throughout ttr. And a live Team Strike uniform.

The live server message hack is planned to be finished by March 27th 2017.

The uniform will be finished sometime today. (February 22nd 2016 8:15 AM Central Time). Btw : this time the live server message is NOT about the isis and hitler shet. This time it will feature Team Strike and them owning Team Trap. Because Team Trap doesnt do shet. It's literally inactive and pointless. By the time the live server message is complete, Trap Cat, Darkness, Roscoe, Trap Dog, Trap Horse, etc will all be hacked and then terminated from Rewritten. We were always cool with MOD Clan and Team FD. Team Trap is just literally sits in Rewritten doing nothing. Enough about Team Trap. Team Strike creates new hacks every Sunday. So far, we have created : Global Teleport, Strike-Chat, White Toon, Colored Gloves, Colored Nametag, Dc Button, Break Through ToonGuard Hack, Reset, Server Crash, Float, Sit Teach, Sit In The Air, Swim In The Air, Swing In The Air, Multihack, BossBot Suit (The Big Cheese), SellBot Suit (Cold Caller), CashBot Suit (Short Change), LawBot Suit (The Big Wig), Run Fast, Run Slow, Dance Fast, Dance Slow, Name Change, Raid Estate, Raid Toontorial, Upside-Down Hack, Walk, Unpatch, Edit Other Toons, Climb, and Unlimited JellyBeans. The Team Strike Hack Buttons are all blue. Some of them are green. The green buttons are the ones that effect the server in some sort of way. For example : Dc, Reset Districts, Server Crash, Live Server Message, etc.

We are dangerous. We do not forgive. We do not forget. We are Team Strike. Expect us. Goodbye.

These hacks only work with The Team Strike Python Injector. The Team Strike Injector only works for the Leaders/Members of Team Strike. I am the leader/Owner/Creator of both Team Strike AND Team Strike's Injector. The Injector is unpatchable!!! Most of the hacks we created are client. The very first hack we created..or REcreated was Global Teleport. I said recreated because it was already created on ToonTown Online by Freckleslam. We implemented the hack from ToonTown Online to ToonTown Rewritten Open Beta. The Team Strike Hack Buttons a

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