Poppy is a male blue monkey with a green shirt and sea green shorts along with red gloves. Ofc he's a hacker. Toontown's newest hacker, that is. He is the 3rd leader of Team Manipulative. He has a small top head and large muzzle. He os said to formerly be the one and only JeeperMash. Poppy was seen on the ToonTown online website. He was the blue monkey on the website standing next to Freckleslam on the front page of the ToonTown Online website. He was briefly knew Freckleslam himself. Poppy is known for going in Nutty River TTC and doing the upside down hack and swing in the air hack like a monkey. This scared many Toons during 2004. Poppy is one of the rarest hackers due to the fact that he's one of the only friendly and understanding and forgiving and caring ToonTown hacker. He only hacks for the good. Although, when he is around hiS team, he often turns pure evil and crashes the entire game. Poppy was the one who caused the entire "hitler and the Isis ToonTown Rewritten Hack". That means that he had joined ToonTown Rewritten on his main character named Con. That would add up to the fact of JeeperMash is Con. But anyways, this page is about Poppy not other hackers. Poppy was said to be on ToonTown Online since Alpha. The question is, what will fate be? He is currently banned off of ToonTown Rewritten Open Beta because Goshi spotted him unpatching glitches and hacks. He unpatched the swing in the air hack and the upside down hack from ToonTown Rewritten and made them unpatchable so any hacker with a working Injector use those hacks. Poppy always hacks into the Jungle Vines trolley game and shouts "DONT YOU WANNA HAVE SOME FUN?!?!" and usually has his book open during it. He also is seen on the ToonTown Website in the same exact trolley game!!!!! You can check him out on a YouTube video called "Weird things on the ToonTown front page? Freckleslam and JeeperMash seen?" Note : the monkey is actually Poppy not Jeepermash.

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