Welcome to Mean Girl Dogz Group!

Here are some facts about Mean Girl Dogz: huh?

  1. We have about 200 members in thier dreams
  2. We do boss battles at least 2 every day

3. The leader and owner of the group/clan is Amy

Fact : Mean Girl Dogz Group is active. (Incredible Hulk)


  • Leader (Amy 118 laff)
  • The Co Leader (Jessie 101 laff)
  • Ranger (Rainbow 94 laff)
  • Adult (54 laff and up)
  • Group/Clan Member (19 laff and up)
  • Half-Grown (17 laff)
  • Newborn (15-16 laff)

Boss Battle GroupsEdit

  • VP Group
  • CJ Group
  • CFO Group
  • CEO Group

Mean Girl Dogz DistrictsEdit

  • Bouncy summit

Our RulesEdit

  • Do not make wars with other groups/clans
  • No fighting
  • no cheating

Our website and youtube channelEdit

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