The MOONLIGHT Clan was a small clan lead by Moonlight Madness.

Clan History

The first MOONLIGHT clan was created in 2009, when I gathered two other friends and created The PAWS (Peace and War Soldiers) Alliance. The PAWS alliance was an all cats clan dedicated to helping other toons in time of clan peace and clan war. Later, when I got into hacking for a short while (July 2010), I made the second version of MOONLIGHT clan, Team MOONLIGHT. It had 5 members, all kind and friendly hackers. MOONLIGHT stood for "Magic Orb On No Lag In Great Hacker Team) I was 9 or 10, what do you expect? Finally, we came to the MOONLIGHT clan we know today. (M= Mentorship O= Originality O= Open to All N= Natural L= Leadership I= Inspiration G= Generosity H= Honesty T= Teamwork).

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