Toontown Rewritten - Lizard Clan reunite! ~Starlight Lizard

Toontown Rewritten - Lizard Clan reunite! ~Starlight Lizard

Hmm, well where do I start?

Lizard (active) is leader of Lizard Clan. Mizard Lizard (Inactive) is the official, main co- leader. There are no other main co-leaders, and probably never will be.

There are many leaders, and you must be 110+ laff to be one. One of these is Insane Lizard (Inactive), another is Noob Lizard (active).

There are also even more co-leaders, and you must be 100+ laff to be one. At this laff you may also invite members. One is Nyananananana Lizard (Active), another is Twilip Lizard (Inactive).

There are a few mentors, one of them is Roxy Foxy Noxy Poxy Sloxy Lizard (active).

The complete guide for us can be found on the official site,

Lizard Clan is known for drama. Lizard Clan does not have much love much as all toons say, but due to how many lizards there are and the conflicting opinions, fights will occasionally be in lizard Clan.


Lizard Clan keeps to themselves. They do not do wars.

I am active. ~Lizard


The original Lizard streams on twitch, and I happen to be one of her moderators (rebapuppy).

Feel free to drop by: