Hi there. I am King Truffles. I am a an aqua rabbit with ice blue arms. I have hacked ToonTown since 2003 and am currently fuhking with Rewritten. I completely flooded 2 districts with lag in which made them inaccessible. :)

Soon, I will do it to ALL districts so the game ITSELF won't be accessible. :)

Don't fuhk with me or you will lose your account. I will drop it. Period.

Anyways, yes, I created a new TTR Python Injector and will be releasing it soon. Be patient, as there is a possibility of it not being released at all. I am planning to create the bot code and place bots all over Rewritten. Deal with the lag. Ha, I have a lag blocker. Lag doesnt effect me, noobs. Besides, all of you non-hackers sicken me because you're all useless. Hackers create the fun. Non-hackers freak out about the fun we make. All of you sicken me.

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