History Edit

Ivy Clan was founded way back around 2008-2009. Due to a lot of reborns, we tend to have several generations of this clan.

1st Generation(2008-2009): Ivy Clan was created by the original leader, Ivy.

2nd Generation(2009-2010): Little Ivy took over Ivy's spot and led the Clan for several years until a conflict occurred.

3rd Generation(2010-2011): Spirit Ivy took over Little Ivy's spot and led the Clan for a year.

4th Generation(2012): Enchanted Ivy revived the Clan

5th Generation(2012-present)- Spirit Ivy made a comeback and was allowed back as the leader of the Clan once more


Present Day Edit

Ivy Clan can be mostly described as a group of close friends who does things together such as playing games, roleplay, Skype, or just chat away as the day slowly comes to an end! Ivys are free to make their own decisions when it comes to training, so if you want to be an uber, go right ahead! If you don't like to train, that's fine as well!



Spirit Ivy

Co Leaders:

Lemon-Lime Flavored Ivy

Insane Ivy

Fire Ivy

Enchanted Ivy

OO Line

Co-Co Leaders:

Glittering Ivy

Moonlight Ivy

Bouncy Ivy

Pie Ivy

Overgrown Ivy

Music Ivy (° ͜ʖ °)