(Currently CLOSED) Hare Clan is a clan that was made a few years ago, and is currently trying to build up its members.


The Hare Clan was made in 2009 by a toon named Hare Dew, and the next day, Hare Dew vanished. That's when another hare, named Nose Hare, decided to lead the clan, and has ever since. The original people who were in the clan of who are now retired from the clan are Hare Brush, Hare Plane, and a few others.

Before the hacking era started they were quite successful, and quickly growing with each event.. then the hacking era hit, and almost all members were gone and the clan was close to finished. But what also helped into this happening, Hare Dew's assisstant showed up out of nowhere, made an exact replica of Hare Dew, and started leading the clan himself, which became a disaster. Over the summer of 2010, the clan was closed, but in Fall 2010, Nose Hare opened it back up, and has been open ever since.. until as of a few months ago, the hare clan is closed. It will probably open up again during the summer.


Nose Hare-Leader

Cotton Candy Hare-Co-Leader 1

Green Hare/Snow Hare(old)-Co-Leader 2,Treasuerer 1

Treasuerer 2-Animated Hare

Ambassador-Comical Hare


News Reporter-Back Hare

Judge-Juju Hare

Former Treasuerer-Hare Brush

Former Ambassador-Bad Hare

Former Spy-Hare Plane

Former Treasuerer-Small Hare

Events, good and badEdit

Hallows Day is the first event the clan did, and was successful.

The Thanksgiving event was successful.. and hilarious! XD!

The Hare clan christmas event was also successful.

Harey Awards 1 (2010) was the worst event in Hare Clan history.

The Schools out Summer BASH was somewhat successful, and ended with a race made by Green Hare ending at the Sellbot HQ VP lobby.

Hare Day celebrates the Hare Clan's birthday, in being made on October 14th.

Harey Awards 2 (2011) was much better, and Green Hare ALMOST beat a hare record for most awards won. XD