The Glowsticks were a clan of brightly-colored dogs. The clan ended two months before Toontown closed down.


At first, the clan was led by Neon Green Glowstick, a completely lime green dog.

After a long point of inactivity by Neon Green Glowstick, the clan was taken over by the only other active member, Neon Blue Glowstick, or Neo, a bright blue dog.

Categories of GlowsticksEdit

After the clan became to achieve more members, Neo decided they had enough members to create categories, as Neon Red, Neon Blue, Neon Green, Neon Pink, Neon Yellow, and Neon Orange only made room for 4 members, other than Neo and Neon Green Glowstick, who poofed.

The categories consisted of this:






Final DayEdit

Two months before Toontown closed, Neo decided that she was done with the clan, since she hadn't seen Neon Green Glowstick in a while. It had been going for many months. She ran around TTC, saying "Glowstick clan is closed for good!"

Out of nowhere, Neon Green Glowstick popped up and said, "Neo? What are you doing?"

Neo poofed, and that was the end of Glowstick Clan.

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