Hi everyone, this is Crackers, One of the Leaders of Glitch Clan, the ever growing Clan that shows new toons what glitches are and how they operate. Glitches are little bugs in a server which cause certain actions proposed by the player, to change the affect of what these actions do to the server, or in other words, it is a thing in the game that needs fixing and allows players to do things that they could not usually do. We are Glitch Clan, we recruit new members when we can and we try to expand our community and show toons new glitches every day we can.


We here at Glitch Clan only follow a couple simple rules.

1. Crackers,Captain Crumbly Pepperpoof,and Mr. Mouse are the ONLY leaders. If another toon says hes the leader of OUR glitch clan, then you are being lied to.

2. Absolutley NO HACKING. If a member is found Hacking he will be ignored and reported by all members of the glitch clan community, we will show you the difference of what a Glitch is, and what a Hack is.

3. Respect your leaders!!!!! rebellious behavior will cause in an Ignoring by me C.C.P.P. and Mr. Mouse.

4. Glitch Clan is ONLY consistent of glitches, we do NOT, EVER HACK under ANY circumstance.

5. Glitch Clan will never ask of your Person information, and we will never ask your personal info.

However, asking us for personal information is frowned upon, do unto others as you want want them to do to you.

Commonly visited ServersEdit

Nutty Summit-Almost all the time.

Nutty River-sometimes, very rarely.

Toon Valley-most of the time.

Other- sometimes,very rarely.

Mettings will be held in the following servers above BBHQ or in the Glitch Clan official Office.:




Boingy Summit

Secret Meetings will be held at Mr. Mouses house.

Many Glitches are taught, yet we gather recruits with the attention of the "TP for freedom Glitch" and we teach them all of which we know.

We also strive in finding Glitches ourselves, discovering new stuff to teach of.


June 15- Glitch clan anniversary Day

Dec 23- Crackers Birthday

Sep 12- Mr. Mouse's Birthday

Feb 20 C.C.P.P.'s Birhtday


From smallest to largest

Glitch Officer

Glitch Master Officer

Glitch Sarge

Glitch Master Sarge





Leader*( ONLY Crackers, C.C.P.P. and Mr. Mouse.)

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