Lately I have noticed a lot of cool fun glitches! So me, being a glitch master. ( For over two years.)

(It was declared that you have to know over FIFTY glitches to be a glitch master. ) Anyway back to the clan.

You dont even have to know ANY glitches to join! Its fun on Fridays-Monday when I'm on I teach you new glitches. It's very simple just remember the F8 key I use that a lot! ( I say it Fun ATE caps code in game.)

We meet to recruit on Saturday's in boingyboro,ToonHall Toontown Central. The time for it is 3:00-3:30(Eastern time.) Meet me there!

Clan created by: (The King of glitching!) King Of dogs!! (Me) My picture is the only one in here.


The new way 2011!