==&nbsp Gag Clan Promise== I promise to work hard and to be respectful to other toons.

Toon GuideLines Edit

1.) You may have any toon join ; name color and size dont matter.

2.) You may NOT hack to get a gag. If you do you will be banned from gag clan FOREVER.

3.) Members and nonmembers can join ; nonmembers can still work gags to a certain level and come to clan parties.

About the Gag clanEdit

We match up small toons with high toons to train together gags/tasks. Small toons are called apprentices and high are called mentors. Then they can choose to train with the apprentice by him or herself or with someone else. Gag clan has 2 assistants : DeStiny, and Princess Rainbow Preciousnoodle. They are the leaders when I am offline. Parties are before every holiday and every first Saturday of a month. Meetings are every Friday.

~ New Moon

Gag clan RulesEdit

1.) You may NOT hack to get a gag. Hacking will get you banned from Gag clan premanently.

2.) Be respectful to other toons. This means mentors be respectful to apprentices and visa-versa. Be nice to someone even if they aren't in the clan.

3.) Work Hard

4.) No Swearing : Swearing = Ban from Gag clan

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