The Flame clan was started by our leader Flame! This clan is just starting out and shall be updated evrey week or so!

These are the facts about the flame clan.

  1. Most flame members don't come on often on week days so it is best to have a flame meatings on weakends!
  2. Our motto is " Curiosity killed the cat! " so we urge you to buy is ASAP.
  3. Silly Vally is our place to hang out when we are togher as a group.

Flame ranks ( at the moment )Edit

  1. juiner flame - laff 15 - gags lv 1 gags
  2. Flame member - laff 16-17 - gags lv 2 gags - lv 3 gag(s)
  3. Flame manager - laff 18-20 - gags lv 3 gags OR laff 16 - gags Maxed
  4. Flame super manager - laff 20 - 26 -gags lv 3 gags ( optional - lv 4 gags ) OR - laff 16 - gags maxed with doodle
  5. co - leader - laff 26+ - gags lv 3 gags ( optional - lv 4 gags ) OR - laff 16 - gags maxed with doodle maxed jump ( or any other moves ), ask flame for being a co leader if all requirments are met then you shall bee co - leader co - leader means you will execpt all new flames ( if valid ) and when flame is gone you shall handle the group.

( more info will come daily through june 20 - 23 )

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