Duck Clan is a clan that was established 2015. It has then grew over the years. The Clan has expanded into Clash too, and made a new discord server and a YouTube Channel. Here is some information about our clan, and a history.

HISTORY OF THE CLAN: 2015 - present (2018)


Duck Clan was created on Daisy's Garden, and 9 founding members founded it, formerly called Duck Nation. Not too long, the clan expanded further into Vibrant Valley (now thwackville) to grow like others. At this time, Reindeer Clan was possibly the biggest clan on Toontown Rewritten (TTR), and there were tons of warrior clans. This even was before Jellyfish Clan and Chihuahua were created on TTR (both were made on 2017).


This was when Duck Clan was 1 year old, and when ReindeerClan closed. The remaining clans were Duck Clan, others, and still, tons and lots of warriors. Duck Clan expanded a lot, and soon became very big, outnumbering many until the next year came. The leader suddenly became inactive on 2017, and on that year, many left, abandoning Duck Clan, making it rot into ashes.


This is a time where Duck Clan became 2, but never celebrated. Duck Clan came back on November, but it was too late. There were two big clans roaming. Jellyfish and Chihuahua. Duck Clan was very small, that the both outnumbered the clan. Duck Clan then couldn't last longer, and planned to close in the future. Only few joined the clan this year, unlike 2015 - 16, where a ton joined.


Duck Clan was very small, and Chihuahua and Jellyfish were very big, bigger than before. Many warrior clans were gone, and it was announced Duck Clan would be closed on August 2. But one day after it closed on 9 PM on that day, many demanded the leader to bring it back, so he did, reviving it, and former members did join, but most of the originals joined Jellyfish or Chihuahua. Duck Clan then expanded into Clash, becoming one of the first few clans from TTR to expand there, along with Jellyfish and many more. Duck Clan then made a YouTube channel, and planned to make many events soon. Duck Clan remodeled their Discord into a new one. This is even when Team Trap nearly killed the clan, making it unstable. But it then did become stable. This is where Duck Clan turned 3 years old.


Toontown Rewritten:

  1. Any size, color clothing.
  2. Any name! Or be creative by naming yourself a certain type of Duck species or Duck character like Daffy!
  3. No need for Toontorial! Once you are done, hop in and meet the leader at Thwackville, TTC!

Toontown: Corporate Clash:

  1. Any size, color or clothing.
  2. Any name! Or be creative by naming yourself a certain type of Duck species or Duck character like Daffy!
  3. Pick any gag.
  4. Meet the leader! He will invite you to the club





Duck Clanian Building Bash: September 9 -12.


Duck Clan - August 2018


Have any questions? Ask me at Duck Clanian Empire Mapping #5080, or meet me in TTR / TTCC!

RECENT CLAN VIDEOS UPLOADED: (editing sucks since i was in a rush xd)