This is the beginning of Donkey Clan :) May/25/2012

Joining Donkey Clan

Hey guys! This is Donkey speaking! And I'm tell you to JOIN DONKEY CLAN! Its so fun! I've never had this experience before in any other clan! I love this clan because it teaches you so many life lessons while having fun at the same time! :) Many people in this clan are very generous, nice, caring, and joyful! I'm so thankful to have them! :)Edit

Donkeyclan 16:52, May 25, 2012 (UTC)Donkey (Leader)

How Donkey's look likeEdit

  1. Make a dog
  2. Colors: Girl is coral, Boys is dark brown
  3. Make feet medium size, or short feet size
  4. Name it something with "donkey" in the name (Name examples are below.)

Examples of NamesEdit

  • Dynamite Donkey (One of my favorites:)
  • Lonely Donkey
  • Rascal Donkey
  • Rainbow Donkey
  • Donkey Kong
  • Awesome Donkey
  • Jumping Donkey
  • Flying Donkey
  • Donkey Dance
  • Donkey Leap
  • Weak Donkey
  • Mooing Donkey

Choose a name that will suit you! :) (Remember, must have Donkey in the name)


  • Don't agrue with the other members of this clan. (We try to keep a drama-free clan so the whole members can enjoy. If somebody agrues with other members/or/you please report to me, I'll have a little talk with them. Not kicking out though.)
  • Any bad words or sign of desrespect towards co-leaders or leaders will be automatically be kicked out, reported, and ignored. (You could get banned if you do this.)
  • Any form of "cheating" or "hacking" will be kicked out, reported, and ignored.

If you follow these rules, this could let you stay in Donkey clan! :D WHOOO!

Note from LeaderEdit

There might be people who might be rude to you who is not in this clan. Just remember, always be nice to other people. Even though, they might be rude to this clan/or/you, doesn't mean you have to be rude to them. Thank you.