Con recently joined Team Gear and is now a male green headed, purple bodied Monkey with a large forehead, small muzzle, tall torso, and small legs. He also has green gloves and now wears the Team Gear uniform, although, he still wears the same accessories he always has. Also, he is still a 37 laffer with level 5 Throw and Squirt, level 4 Toon-Up, and level 1 Lure. He is still muted as of March of 2016. He has a SellBot suit and is a level 3 Cold Caller. He defeated the VP many times and is still always in Vibrant Valley. His SpeedChat color is light green now. He is the official 3rd leader of Team Gear. He is basically heartless and selfish now. Just like Savage. In fact, he IS Savage! Con has teleport access to TTC, GSW, CAD, DD, and DG. He is both a hacker and an Uber.

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