Clans are  groups of several people who do activities and make sure that the Clan is active, and also make sure that there is as many problems solved so that there is a better outcome and also so that more people are likely to join their clan.

Rare The Green Pig Is One Dangerous Hacker and has a girlfriend named Rarer usually seen in acorn acres vibrant valleyEdit

=Dealing with competitor clans is riskyEdit

Dealing with problems takes some time to do, however you can manage to solve problems quicker if you don't do it alone, as you can work together with several members to find a solution and use it to eliminate the problem, making the Clan happier and also less with problems. 

Sometimes though, Other Clans can be a problem and they would often get in your way and try to get members from your clan to join theirs, and they also can send a spy on Toontown to detect any activity of your Clan which is a very big problem, and also you got Wars and Battles in warrior cats, therefore if that happens that would mean you must fight for your Clan.