the title's basically a title that SORTA might be the future because of the word "strook" but hey, we're not here for learning school shet we're here to be aware of ttr and where it's going

chicken. funniest yet most dangerous toontown hacker of all time

he has no clan

he has his own injector

ostrich was supposedly his "idol" until ostrich was proven to not hack at all

yes, chicken's muted for a month (lmao)

his main toon is a purple duck named "neo"

yes, chicken had toon rewrite...he was originally a short aqua duck named cliff

yeah yeah chicken has yellow gloves and shet

we've all seen this before bla bla bla nag nag nag

so uh be careful for him and shet...hes usually spotted in acorn acres swimming in the air or something

he sometimes sits in the air or slides and shet



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