Battle Bunnies is a clan formed to compete with the other clans. Originating in the Northern part of Toontown. They were originally formed as a covert-ops top secret squad but have since then become much more. Be warned Battle Bunnies don't tend to let the other clans stand in their way.

Through the rhythm of battle they think as brothers and sisters. They will rise again and reign supreme.


Facts Edit

Leader: Buford Weaselmew

Battle Cry: OOO RAH!

Territory: DDL, The Brrrgh,

Clan colors: Blue, Green

-The Battle Bunnies hope to achieve good relations with the Carrot Clan

History Edit

The Battle Bunnies have existed since the days of old. When toontown had a breathed different air. They originally operated in secret, in the shadows like ninjas. But no longer do they hide out of sight. They now arise with banners held high into battle. And are experts in guerrilla warfare, experts in their environment make them formidable opponents. Demonstrating that Bunnies can prevail in even the most heated of battles. There may not be many in number. But they don't go down easily

Decide Edit

So what will you do? Will you live out a peaceful life? Or will you join your rabbit brethren in the excitement of action! OOO RAH!

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