The Balloon Brigade is an unknown, inactive clan.

Clan HistoryEdit

This clan is a mystery! If you have any details, please edit!


Here are the rules for the Balloon Brigade:

1. Have fun! 2. Please post in the event's thread if you have room in your group, or if you need a group. 3. Report to Donald's Dock island in the event district each half hour (or so), to  check for new toons in need of a group. (Not everyone uses rule 2) 4. We all love our friends, and enjoy their company in lots of events, but please remember the new toon standing alone on that island could be a potential new friend too.  Invite them into your group, or split your group into 2 if you can. 5. We are an uber friendly clan. If you have an uber in your group, and they choose to hide, that is fine in this clan. Some will fight right along side you! 6. Treat others as you wish to be treated! '7. Do not green others, please.

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