ok so there's a new hacker clan on toontown fellowship named Dusty. he has a medium torso and medium legs and is a black rabbit with red gloves and he's the new leader of this hacker clan called "Team-Foe". the original leader quit every toontown related games (Crunchypow). Dusty is mainly seen in ToonTown Centeral Cog River. He usually picks fights with random people and warns them and says "PREPARE FOR THE END OF TOONTOWN! THE END IS NEAR!" Oh and he did a hack where he has no pupils. he's a pure obvious master hacker, glitcher, greener, troller, spammer, and cusser. if you see him log out and dont log back online for about a week or 5 days. He also can make hack bots. one of his hack bots is a gray horse named Bot. if you see him it's most likely the real one and Bot only talks in caps lock. trust me, you don't want to mess with Team-Foe. there are still much unknown details about Dusty. he's a mysterious figure in many ways. Toons of the world UNITE!

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